Friday, 20 January 2017

US Sues Oracle, Says It Pays White Men More Than Others

The U.S.A. Department of Labor has filed a proceedings against Oracle, claiming that the technology large features a "systemic practice" of paying white male staff quite their non-white and feminine counterparts with identical job titles.

The suit additionally says that the corporate favors Asian staff in its recruiting and hiring practices for development and alternative technical roles, that resulted in hiring discrimination against non-Asian candidates.

In a statement, Oracle on weekday known as the proceedings "politically motivated , supported false allegations and entirely while not benefit."

The Department of Labor aforesaid the proceedings is that the results of a review of Oracle's equal employment chance practices at its headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. According the suit, Oracle has refused to accommodates the agency's "routine requests" for employment knowledge and records.

"As a federal contractor, Oracle is prohibited from partaking engaged discrimination on the premise of race, color, sex, sexual orientation or individuality or national origin and is needed to require social action to confirm that equal employment chance is provided to candidates and workers all told aspects of employment," the Department of Labor aforesaid.

Earlier this month, the Department of Labor additionally sued Google, expression the corporate has refused to supply the department with worker compensation records ANd alternative data as a part of an audit designed to confirm it's not discriminating against staff supported gender or race.

Oracle, Google and alternative technology corporations have created public commitments to up gender and racial diversity in recent years. however modification has been slow to return, and also the corporations still be dominated by white (and generally Asian) men, particularly in technical and leadership positions.