Saturday, 19 September 2015

Microsoft Office Apps Updated to Support iOS 9 Features

Microsoft, with the launch of Apple's iOS 9, has started updating its suite of Office apps for the new OS version. The update for Word (v1.13), Excel (v1.13), PowerPoint (v1.13), OneNote (v2.16.1), and Outlook (v1.4.2) supports features included in iOS 9 such as multitasking, side-by-side view, Inking, and more. Out of these features, the multitasking features would only be limited to iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 for now.

The Multitasking feature on iOS 9 includes Slide Over, Split View, Presenter View, and Side-by-Side view to help users work on documents or other files efficiently. The Slide Over feature (seen below) would let users open a second app from the side of the screen. For instance, users can Slide Over the OneNote app and quickly note some pointers while going through their emails opened in the background. With Split View, users can work on two apps simultaneously copying content from one app, for instance Microsoft Excel, in to Powerpoint or Word.

 Furthermore, iOS 9 users can now tap on any PowerPoint, Word, or Excel file attachment from Outlook and the email app would automatically launch the corresponding app with the particular file ready to edit. The corresponding app shares the display with the Outlook app - just like Split View feature. When the edits are done, users can simply tap the back button in Word (or PowerPoint/ Excel) to save the modified file as an attachment in a new email.

Also included is the Presenter View (seen below), which offers tools such as laser pointer, pens, highlighters and slide thumbnails, while the user projects a PowerPoint presentation to an external display. Split View with OneNote can be used together. While users can view the talking points on OneNote, the audience would only see the PowerPoint slides on the external screen.

Apart from multitasking features, the Office app users would also be able to view keyboard shortcuts using the Command key (cmd) from an external iPad keyboard. For instance in Outlook, users can start a new email with cmd+n. They can also move between Email, Calendar, Files, People and Settings with cmd+1, cmd+2, cmd+3, cmd+4 and cmd+5 respectively.

Both Outlook and OneNote have also received the Spotlight search for iOS 9. The feature would give users the ability to search any content through their notes, images, pdf, handwriting, and emails across the new OS version. OneNote additionally supports iOS handoff that lets users work on their notes using an iPhone and continue where they left from an iPad. Other minor updates for OneNote include mirrored UI for Arabic and Hebrew languages and switching of page list from left to right. All the updated apps are available to download from the App Store.

Microsoft also announced new features for watchOS 2. Outlook for example, would show the user's upcoming appointments and incoming emails as a complication. Utilising the Time Travel feature, users can additionally turn the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch to check their Outlook calendar appointments scheduled later in the day or the next day.

Microsoft has also updated its recently introduced Translator for iPhone and Apple Watch as well. As a part of the app update, a recent or pinned translation can be played back later. When users are abroad, the watch face would show common phrases like "Good Morning" or "Goodbye" in the local language based on the user's location and the time of the day. Time Travel can also be used to scroll to other phrases like "Good Night".

Google Play Music for Android Updated With Improved Chromecast Integration

Google Play Music for Android is now receiving an update that primarily brings improved Chromecast integration. The latest version v6.0.1995S is now available to download or update via Google Play.

The app listing notes some of the overhauled Chromecast integration including gapless or no break of playback in between songs alongside gapless playback support now enabled over Cast. Another major addition is that it continues music playback even if the phone is turned off or if the user left with the media device.

Google Play Music back in June besides adding free tier for its music streaming service also added several changes in its app, bringing it up to version 6.0.

The updated Google Play Music app brought Playlists and Radio moved inside the My Library option in the navigation drawer. New options namely New Releases and Browser Stations were added. Both the free users and the All Access subscribers received the access to the new curated stations. Also, while the free users would see ads on the service, the All Access users would not see the same while streaming music.

An earlier report claimed that Google at its rumoured September 29 event might reveal the second-generation Chromecast streaming device alongside the two Nexus smartphones. Citing leaked internal documents, it added that the new Chromecast may receive Spotify support - a music streaming service.

The leaked document suggested that Chromecast platform would soon be able to support the popular Spotify music streaming service that has been absent from the list of partners. This would come in addition to the company's own Google Play Music streaming service for the Chromecast. The HDMI streaming player already supports Netflix and Pandora.

Friday, 18 September 2015

iOS 9 adoption rate at 12% after 24 hours, lags behind iOS 7

NEW DELHI: It looks like iOS 9, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system is being embraced by eligible users at a pace comparable to that of iOS 8 although the initial rates were slightly lesser.

According to analytics company Mixpanel, iOS 9 crossed 12% adoption rate after one day of its launch. Although the figure is slightly less compared to the adoption rate of iOS 8 which had recorded 16% adoption rate, Mixpanel says the pattern is similar. However, it lags behind iOS 7 which had clocked a 20% adoption rate in the first 24 hours.

It's worth pointing out though that iOS 7 was a major release bringing a complete visual overhaul and new features. Also, Apple's servers have been facing issues with a large number of users trying to update to iOS 9.

It's also not clear if a large number of users are still to get the update prompt. Apple has done its bit by reducing the free space required for the update to 1.3GB. 

Sunday, 13 September 2015

6 Easy Ways To Stay Ahead Of Social Media

Social media is an ever-changing field and here everyone wants to stay at the top. To stay at the top you will have to make efforts You might have seen that there are millions of users who are taking a advantages of the popular social networks. So how to stand out in the crowd. This is especially important if you use social media for your business You will have to keep track of the constant changes because what you see Facebook today is going to change after six months. This is the trend and everyone has to follow it. The important part is to stand above this trend. Here are five ways by which you can stay at the top of the social media in a very easy way.


There are hundreds of blogs that are targeted at social media. These days’ people are taking full advantage of the social sites and you can also connect your blogs with these sites If you want to keep at the top, it is important that you find the blogs that are constantly updated. Make sure that you are spending at least twenty minutes on the blogs that are regularly updated choose Interesting blogs. This way you can catch up some latest news. You can also consider adding these blogs to your RSS feed. You are not going to get info on social media, but also other important happenings going on around you. This way you are always going to stay on the top.

Trending topics 

You might have a habit of going through blogs every day. No doubt, it is effective, but you know that information on the social media spreads like a fire in the jungle. So focus on the topics that are totally new or choose a trending topic. This way you will always have something to comment in-groups, conversations, etc. also make sure that your social network site settings are accurate. There might be a problem in your setting and you might skip some interesting trendy topics This you will never want and should also avoid.


These are offered by the agencies and definitely offer good resources There are plenty of webinars and you can easily register with them. You can search in the directories or directly on the Google. Twitter also offers you with the registration with the webinars. You can also get last week webinars from some of the directories. Make sure you are aware of these directories and taking full advantage of these to stay at the top.


Take this thing out of your mind that all the newsletters are the spam, this is not real. You can find worth newsletter for which you are willing to sign up There is a weekly roundup that you can check out. This newsletter is the best way to gather information and they also create informative articles

Training and certification 

If you are really serious about the social media stuff, then it is important that you go for training or get certification courses. There are plenty Fortunately, you are also going to find online courses. You are going to get certification and all your goals are easily achievable. Having certifications means you can also turn your habits into the profession and rock the social media industry with your talent.

These are the five ways by which you can always stay at the top of the social networks Technology has opened new trends and new path no matter how much difficult your goals are, technology is never going to fail you. There are so many platforms available on the internet that allows you to stay ahead. We are using Facebook, our parents and even grandparents are using Facebook. This shows how popular social networking is and how much important it is for some to stay on the top.

There are a few easy ways as well, such as stay well read, listen around you, stay connected, use different platforms, watch and find useful people. The good news is that everything is available at one place and that is social networking sites Staying at the top is good and it can also aid you in your professional life as well.

Play games & make money!

Money and fame! It is one of the craziest of people across the world. We do lots of hard work to earn money. The human race is a combination of rich and poor populace. Some people put extra efforts on earning extra money and few are those who spend it for fun. And the casino is a place where you put in money to earn and spend it for fun.

The casino is a place where you can perform high quality gambling activities and its appearance has made online casinos a popular & realistic game. Online casinos are very famous for its outcome. If you are a good player, then you can make a respective amount from your small amount.

Online casinos provide many gaming devices (Jocuri aparate). These are very famous due to ease in convenience. As long as you have an internet connection, you are within reach of your favorite game.

There are many famous games which are extremely popular these days. Few among them are, Book of Ra, Lucky Lady’s charm, sizzling hot, Columbus deluxe and many more. Casinos provide games on devices (Jocuri ca la aparate) withthe use of which you can easily enjoy your games.

In this stressful and competitive world, online casinos are a good option for quality pass time and money making. If a game on the device (Jocuri CA la aparate) can make money for you and take away all your tensions and worries; then you should avoid wasting your time and money on any other irrelative aspects.

There are a number of websites available on the internet, which is also legal. And, most of these offers, you a great gaming experience. It provides almost every game of your choice. Whereby, you are offered an opportunity to pay online and get started.

Casino games can be a fun and enjoyable too. It can give you highly profitable bonuses and promotional offers on your cell phones. Then why to waste time? Hurry up!! Play and earn.

Enjoy Gambling in a Safe and Secured Yet Thrilling and Exciting Way

A casino, an interesting and intriguing place capturing imaginations of end number of people. How would it be if you get to feel it in homely comfort? It sounds great, isn`t it? Casino games as appliances are available online! There are two casino sites where users can play famous casino games, minus the risks that real casino games offer. Both the sites have famous casino games there in their stores. From deluxe book of Ra, book of Ra sizzling hot, classic, deluxe, lucky lady`s charm deluxe to lord of the ocean. All the classics are there at your disposal to make your experience an excellent one.

Playing these games are a real pleasure as the games does not take much time to get uploaded. Besides the classic casino games, there are latest games as well many of which have not yet hit the stores in a fully fledged way. But, these games are going to be big in times to come. Book of Ra is one such game which never allows the fun quotient to cease. It's fun and endless fun that rules these sites. Jocuri ca la aparate which are available online is a real pleasure. Just try them once and you would not be able to stop you from falling in love with these games.

There are benefits of playing online. The returns are higher as compared to playing casino games at a real casino. Besides, you can try different games for play money without risking your money at all. If, you decide to increase the fun quotient by playing for real money, then there is an excellent provision of receiving an extra bonus on the first deposit of yours. Jocuri casino online provides its player with the highly advanced security system so that the player has a secured account and can invest without any kind of fear.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

How to Access Blocked Websites?

This is the most searched term for about a month in India. Guess why? Over eight- hundred pornographic websites were banned. 😉

Is this the only reason you want to know the methods to access blocked websites? Maybe it is. But let me tell you one thing. Not only are the sites with explicit content in the block list. Some torrent sites and free download providing sites are also there. Last year, the government blocked some music downloading websites.

Did the above- mentioned types of websites do anything illegally? What they did seems legal to us, of course, helpful too. But they provided paid tools and files for free to the public, thereby causing massive loss to the developer or producer.

Most probably your computer has at least two pirated or cracked software. Maybe your OS also is a patched one. Cracks and patches may seem simple to you. But it is illegal.

According to you, providing songs of a newly released movie is a helpful task. But actual music files have a price.

Anyway, what if you want to access a blocked website? Without any tricks, you can’t do nothing but stare blankly at the ‘not found’ screen.

Access Blocked Websites

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. For whatever be the reason, you can access blocked websites using the following methods.

Test each one until you find what works for you.

#1. Alter the URL a bit

This is a simple way. Don’t underestimate because of the simplicity. It really can do wonders. As an internet user, you know what Uniform Resource Locator or URL is, right?

You probably noticed that for every URL, there will be http://. It would get added to what you types. Let us add an extra ‘s’ to provide access to a blocked website.

Suppose, is the blocked website you want to get access. While entering the address, type instead of, That’s all.

You may be asked to confirm. Choose ‘Proceed Anyway’ in Chrome and add exception certificate in Firefox.

#2. Use Internet Protocol Address

Every website has an internet protocol or IP. No two websites can have the same IP address. Hence, we can use it to visit a website.

This trick will not work every time. But there is no wrong in giving it a try, isn’t it?

It is very easy to find an IP address of a website. Open Command Prompt if you are a Windows user (Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt). Then type ping, where is the website you need to get unblocked. Press enter.

You will get a result like this in which the IP is shown four times.

#3. Way Back Machine Archive

Way Back Machine is an awesome internet archive. An internet archive is a historical directory of websites. That means you can see how websites looked like on a particular date.

This is an awesome tool to explore the past appearance of websites. But it is not the only use of waybackmachine. Most of the blocked websites are available in WayBack Machine. Why because it fetches that particular site within

Have a look at it.

#4. Download Zenmate

It is a popular Google Chrome extension that automates the alteration of proxies. It can be effectively used to access blocked websites. Just follow this link and add Zenmate to your Chrome. That’s all. Activate the extension and enjoy the freedom online.

Zenmate is also available for Firefox and Opera. So, don’t worry if your browser is not Chrome.

#5. Change DNS

DNS stands for domain name server. A DNS address is a unique identity that has all the information about every domain. For most of the cases, someone blocks a domain for their DNS only. In that case, changing the DNS address helps. There are many open addresses are available. Or you can use Google’s DNS.

If you are using Windows 7, click on start button and open Control Panel. From a list of options, choose Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center. On the left sidebar, you can see Change Adapter Settings. Click on it.

Now you can see the internet connections you have ever used. Select on one you are currently using. Right, click and select Properties. You will be shown something like the below image.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IP). Choose ‘Use the following DNS server address’. Then, you will be asked to enter a couple of DNS addresses. Type and (Google DNS) respectively in those fields. You can also use and which are open DNSs.

#6. Use Proxies

Using proxies is a famous trick to unblock restricted sites. Proxy acts as an intermediary between the browser and the internet.

Using fake proxies help you solving the issue of blocked websites. Many free proxy providing websites are available like newipnow, hidemyass, and kproxy. Visit one of them and access the blocked website by entering the URL into the field given.

If this will not help, you can use a Proxy IP and Port with the browser. Hidemyass has a list of Proxy IP and Port combinations. Select one with a decent speed. Copy the IP and Port.

Now, we have to insert these settings into the browser.

For Chrome users:-

Open the browser and click on the small three stripes on the top right corner to get the Chrome Menu. Choose Settings from the upcoming menu.

Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings to get more options. Locate Change Proxy Settings button under Network. You will be shown a popup. Click on LAN settings. Tick ‘Use proxy server for your LAN’. Paste both Proxy IP and Port into the field given just below the checkbox.

Also check ‘Bypass proxy server for local addresses’. Click OK.

For Firefox users:-

 Open the browser and click on options. Select the last tab that says ‘Advanced’. Then choose ‘Network’.

Click on the Settings button under Connection. Now, you will get a popup. Select the last radio button that says ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’. Enter the copied Proxy IP and Port here. Click OK.

#7. Get Websites to Your Inbox

Yeah, you can get the entire website right into your inbox. This way, we can safely access every blocked site. As you are viewing as a mail, don’t expect as much inter activeness as the usual website has. The one you get is the miniature version.

If all the tricks gave above fail, use this one. You don’t really do any hardship. Just, send mail to with the URL of the website you want to access as the Subject line. That’s all. You will soon get that particular webpage via email.

#8. Use Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network aka VPN will not going to let you down. This trick works for everyone irrespective of the country, platform or device they are using.

There are many free VPN servers are available. VPNgate is one such website offering free VPN. We are not sure that every free VPN works well.

If you want to access many blocked websites in a row, better purchase a paid VPN. Torguard is a brilliant choice which costs you not more than $10 per month.

Ready to Access Blocked Websites?

I have done my job. Table has been turned now.

Try any of the methods you like. If it doesn’t work, try with another one. VPN trick is universal. Proxies also work well for anyone, so is the Zenmate.

Everything else depends upon your location and luck.

Do comment below if you have any doubt. And share this with your friends. They would be happy and may give you a party (you know the reason).

Reset Forgot Online SBI Net Banking login/ profile Password

Banking has got new dimensions in this digital era. You don’t have to visit the branch to do banking. There was a time when you had to take a token and wait hours to get your turn.

But, every internet user knows the way of virtual banking. You can deposit and accept money through it. No more form filling, waiting and time consumption. You just need two things, an account with net banking support and a working internet connection.

As any web account, you should get a password for your net banking account. What if you forget the same? No more banking is possible through the internet. So, it’s important not to forget your password.

Are you a State Bank of India (SBI) customer? Do you have a fear to forget the net banking password? Or have you already forgotten it? Then you are on the right place.

Here, I am going to share some easy methods to reset forgot online SBI net banking login/ profile password.

Reset Forgot Online SBI Net Banking login/ profile Password

Every bank provides a username and a password. You must know the right combination of both to do banking activities online.

SBI give two passwords for their customers. First one, login password and the second, profile password. I will be showing you how to reset two of them. Go thoroughly through this post and follow the steps given below.

What should You Do on Forgetting Login Details of Your SBI Net Banking Account?

Banking is a sensitive activity. So, there are great chances to be panicked after realizing that you have forgotten net banking password. But trust me, you can access it again within the matter of a few clicks. Sit back and relax. Or else you may end up in making mistakes in the recovery process.

It’s time to reset login password.

#1. Visit SBI’s net banking website.  There you can select personal as well as corporate net banking. Choose apt one to get into the login page.

#2. As the image shows, you will be asked to enter username and login password. But here, you will be stuck because you know either or both of them. On the right, you can see three options. Click on the second one (‘Forgot Login Password’).

#3. Now, the system proceeds to verification steps. It will ask your date of birth, account number, etc. Fill it correctly. If you have any doubts about the account number or something, don’t forget to refer your bank passbook.

#4. You will get a validation SMS to the phone number that you connected with that bank account. Note the code in the text message and enter it into the appropriate field.

That’s all. After implementing all the steps given above, you will be able to log in to your account. There is an option to retrieve your username also. For that, you need to click on the first option (‘Forget Username’).

How to Reset SBI Net Banking Profile Password?

SBI gives you another password to increase protection. For changing profile tab options, you have to enter this password. So, it’s important to remember this. Profile password should contain letters, numbers and special characters / images.

On the time of setting profile password, you need to enter a hint question and choose its answer. It will help you resetting the password in case you forget it.

If you forget the answer of hint question, only the branch can help you.

What if you forget the same? Follow the steps given below.

#1. Visit and log in to your account (You don’t need profile passwords to log in. Just enter the username and login password. That’s all.)

#2. Now, you will be lead to your online SBI account. Click on Profile. From the upcoming menu, select Forgot Profile Password. You will get a Forget Profile Password page. Select Hint Question.

#3. All you have to do is entering the right answer for the hint question. Carefully type the correct answer.

#4. Click on the submit button. That’s all. You now get a page to enter new profile password. Take care to insert lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters or images. Internet scammers are brilliant than you think. So make it more complicated. At the same time, the password should be easily remembered by you.

#5. Re- enter the same password and click on confirm.

#6. The next step is selecting hint question and entering its answer. Do it carefully so that you can make use of it when you forget your profile password.

#7. Click on submit and you are done.

That’s all. Now you have changed the profile password of SBI net banking account successfully.

gives you another password to increase protection. For changing profile tab options, you have to enter this password. So, it’s important to remember this. Profile password should contain letters, numbers and special characters / images.

On the time of setting profile password, you need to enter a hint question and choose its answer. It will help you resetting the password in case you forget it.

If you forget the answer of hint question, only the branch can help you.

What if you forget the same? Follow the steps given below.

#1. Visit and log in to your account (You don’t need profile passwords to log in. Just enter the username and login password. That’s all.)

#2. Now, you will be lead to your online SBI account. Click on Profile. From the upcoming menu, select Forgot Profile Password. You will get a Forget Profile Password page. Select Hint Question.

#3. All you have to do is entering the right answer for the hint question. Carefully type the correct answer.

#4. Click on the submit button. That’s all. You now get a page to enter new profile password. Take care to insert lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters or images. Internet scammers are brilliant than you think. So make it more complicated. At the same time, the password should be easily remembered by you.

#5. Re- enter the same password and click on confirm.

#6. The next step is selecting hint question and entering its answer. Do it carefully so that you can make use of it when you forget your profile password.

#7. Click on submit and you are done.

That’s all. Now you have changed the profile password of SBI net banking account successfully.

What if You Forget the Hint Question and Answer?

You have a very bad memory I would say. First you forgot login password, then profile password and now the hint question and answer.

Follow these steps to get a duplicate profile password.

#1. Visit SBI online banking page and log in.

#2. Click profile and then Forget Profile Password.

#3. On the upcoming page, you can see a Forgot Hint Question and Answer hyperlink.

#4. Then, you need to select your branch. (Don’t say you forgot this too). Click on submit
#5. You will get a Registration form for Duplicate Profile Password. Download it to your computer.

#5. Also, note the Reference Number on the main tab after closing the popup.

#6. Print the downloaded form and don’t forget to mention your reference number of it.

#7. Submit the same to your State Bank branch and request a profile password recovery.

Isn’t it Easy to Reset Forgot Online SBI Net Banking login/ profile Password?

I have given you enough methods to recover your SBI net banking account. Now, you have to implement the right steps. The last method may take some more time than the first two because it requires offline processing.

Prevention is better than cure. So, note down your passwords on a private place, be it your diary or note making software. And remember that forgetting net banking password is severe than forgetting phone number of your girlfriend.

That’s all. I believe that you have got something new from this article. Do let me know if you have any queries and share this with your friends.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

How to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Each one of us is fascinated by the different lives that we see on TV and in movies. One such inspiration was Pirates of Caribbean which imprinted a timeless persona of a vagabond meant to sail the seas. The life of pirate is that of adventure, mysteries and political plots. But a pirate knows no rules. He sails where he fancies, plunders as he likes and sails as he sees fit. Today I will take you one such adventure with a game called Assassin’s Creed Pirates.

In this post I will tell you how to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Hear the stories of the seas and crown yourself as the seeker of limitless riches. Before the infamous pirates rose to glory, a fierce French captain came to be known as La Buse the buzzard. He was a merciless pirate who raided the ships of their riches and crashed them to the ocean bed. Throughout the golden age, he forged his legend from ship to ship, prize to prize and from plunder to plunder. And the bounty he took became a myth.

When he was finally caught, he left behind a message that would puzzle the world for centuries about the treasure he hid in farthest corner of the earth. This series of the game is about the birth of a pirate, where you are Alonzo Batilla who knew La Buse before he became a legend. As you play the game, you will turn history into reality and continue your online adventures in chapters. You were a prisoner to the ship which was attacked by La Buse, but as he learns of your story and spirit he offered you your own ship.

This is where the Assassin’s Creed Pirates game begins. You are to gain control of the vessel as an acting captain and set sail from devil’s cave to the scorpion reefs. Although you are riding an ancient vessel but the controls and display will make this virtual experience even more fun. Steering your way through the untamed waves of the sea you will come across tempting target ships to loot and drown.

The controls are easy but with multiple kinds of indulgence, they change for different options. Swiping through the steering will help with the directions while there are buttons that will raise the mast to accelerate with the wind speed. A separate button has been provided to lower the sail mast to decelerate during turbulent winds The vessel can also make sudden stops by dropping anchor. The fun part is that it also has re loadable cannons that will blaze volleys on enemy’s vessel and wreck it to pieces.

I found the sudden drift with which the vessel catches up speed to be quite realistic,it adds a touch of reality to the controls and the ship. The real fun begins when you are in a face off with ships and your controls are redirected to cannons. A virtual path is created to show if the opponent’s ship is within shooting range. An overview also appears if your ship is within their range. The challenge is to shoot with surety, as the cannons take time to reload and leave you vulnerable to enemy. You can also shoot a spider volley in case if there is a live fire approaching your ship

A lot of research seems to have been done for Assassin’s Creed Pirates, as every move and story is very thought of. You get to dodge your vessel from incoming attacks by quickly sweeping your ship left or right and also earn extra credits for near misses. The dodging buttons appear when you are in a position to do so or else good luck with spider volleys. As the game advances you can unlock even stronger and well equipped ships.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is meant to induce pirate like feeling during the game. With advanced camera options you can pinch in and out on the screen to adjust the zoom. You get a complete view around and above you to monitor any ship under radar. A navigation map on the side will help you with course correction and monitor distance from your next destination.

You can access the main menu through Animus symbol and read maps for regions surrounding you. It will also allow you to monitor the next destination and your level in the game. Chasing your target and manoeuvring around their ship, you will find yourself shooting ships of all size and looting them for money, ration and stock of wood.

The first chapter of Assassin’s Creed Pirates finishes with your extraordinary clash with The Sea Lord, Ben Hornigold. In spite of constant reminder by your friend La Buse, you attack the Royal Navy ship and take over it in a fierce battle. By this time you have already crossed some good levels, so your vessel has been upgraded to a schooner and a Swivel gun. It is this gun which can make the final attack possible and mark the end of the final chapter; A Legend is Born.

What if I told you that you can Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC?

I am sure that you would enjoy the game a lot and its gameplay will fill your mind to the brim. Your dream for adventure on the unknown terrains of water will finally take shape. The story, thrill and the related feelings are so soaking that it can attract any age group.  Assassin’s Creed Pirates plays great on tablets, but I had to try it on full screen of a laptop to grasp every inch of its fun while hearing it out loud on speakers. Moreover, the relatively small screens of a tablet begin to ache my eyes and puncture my fingers.

I have however found myself an ease from such problems. The mobile gaming industry is turning up with great new ideas everyday and I don’t always feel like playing them on my tablet, so I turn to my laptop. You can as well enjoy any mobile or tablet game on your personal system by using Android and iOs emulators. What these emulators do is, create favourable digital environment within your machine and make it apt to play any such game on the system. I mostly use emulators like Andyroid and BlueStacks to get the job done on my laptop. After all, great games deserve wide screens and high grade speakers to create the gaming ambiance

Here is how to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC using BlueStacks

Just follow the below steps and you can fly through Assassin’s Creed Pirates game in no time.

Download BlueStacks Emulator from Here. The installation is fast and simple with a fairly good Internet connection.
Launch the BlueStacks You will see a search bar!
Enter the name of the Game i.e., Assassin’s Creed Pirates and hit search.
You will see that the game pops up in the search results.
Just download the game. The installation process will begin and complete even before you know it.
Launch the Game and start playing.

Here is how to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC using Andyroid

Download Andyroid from here. The installation is simple and pretty fast with a fair Internet connection.
Launch the emulator.
You will see a search bar. Search for Assassin’s Creed Pirates.
Click on the install button to begin download.
After complete installation the game will appear in the Games menu.
Launch the Assassin’s Creed Pirates game and seek your adventure.

How to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

We are humans and not gods; it only implies that we are vulnerable and bound to make mistakes. As serious as this idea sounds, the related incidents are equally funny. I face this typical behaviour of forgetting things on a regular basis and in all funny ways. Ranging from forgetting my to do-list for the day to keys and even my phone. This tiny gadget called phone is another nerve of our era and it gets on our nerves when we can’t find it. Many companies have already deployed backlight feature which blinks like a beacon in the dark. But what if you lost it in rubble of your own stuff and on the top it is also fixed it to the silent mode. Keep calm and keep reading.

If you are an owner to an Android phone and a victim to the silly but humane situation of losing track of your phone then I have just the right set of apps for you. There are a few things that can be done about your lost phone; either we locate it on GPS or make it ring or send out high beam of flashlight. Just follow in my lead and decide whichever situation suits you the best.

Using Locate Android Feature to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

If your phone has a functional Internet connectivity all the time whether through wi-fi or data packet, then you are in luck. Being an Android phone you always have an upper hand with Google by your side. Even on this end you can use Google dashboard to set your phone to a mode where it can be remotely accessed to lock, erase, and even change its password. But in order to maintain the security of your phone this setting is a one-time deal only and has to be set again after being used once.

Follow these simple steps to avoid the future dilemma of manually finding your phone

Reach out to your Android phone and get into the security settings.
Go for device manager.
Switch on the option for Android Device Manager and allow it to lock, erase, and change the password remotely.
Next time whenever you feel the urge to find your phone just Google ‘Find My Phone’.
If your phone is logged in with your account credentials, then you can pinpoint your phone on the framework of a mini map.
Due to the remote access you can click on the ring button on other android phone and your phone will keep ringing for 5 minutes at the top most available volume.
This fantastic idea by Google not only allows you to locate your phone but also to wipe clean the data and lock your phone in case if you ever managed to completely lose it.

Using Ring My Droid app to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

After you download the Ring My Droid app on your Android phone and set a Key Phrase in it, your phone is never getting lost again. So even if your phone is in silent mode, you just have to forward the secret Key Phrase to trigger an alarm in your phone and follow its lead. Just comply with the below steps to easily download and successfully make it functional-

Go to Google and turn to Google.
Type in Ring My Droid app and hit search.
Now download the Ring My Droid app and install it on your Android phone.
When you select and open the App, it will ask for a Key Phrase.
A Key Phrase is a secret code or keyword that you set in the app and it could be just anything.
By default the Key Phrase of the app is set to ‘RingMyDroid’. So do remember to change it to something memorable and click the ‘Set’ button.
After confirming the Key Phrase for your app you can conduct a personal beta testing of the app.
Just forward a text message containing the Key Phrase to the number which your Android phone uses.
Now push your fingers into your ear, because your phone is about to explode the alarm tone at the top of its voice.
If you have done everything right then the alarm will be triggered even when the phone is in silent mode and Voila!
In case if you missed out on something, then you can try from step 1 and don’t worry it’s no Rocket Science.
Just try to keep the Key Phrase a secret bound to yourself or your buddies will hold the real key to traumatizing you with the alarm tone on a regular basis. Trust me, this trick is never running old for them and they are going to enjoy troubling you even in your sleep.

Using Clap to Find App to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

The above provided apps and methods are awesomely innovative and yet I can find the flaw that they depend highly on the network coverage of your phone. There is no end to worst case scenarios, but what if your phone has found a real deep spot to hide or is in flight mode. You can still go nuts after doing tons of apps to locate your phone and yet a zero network coverage will aid to make your day.

This app has taken the Alibaba and the forty thieves story to a modern phase. The Clap to Find App functions at the clap of your hand, ain’t that cool. If losing your phone within your belongings is that easy for you, then this app will make it even easier for you to find your phone. Indeed you are just a few claps away from your phone and the phone shall attend to its master on demand

Follow the below steps to download Clap to Find App in a snap

Go to Google and turn to Google Play Store.
Type in Clap to Find App and hit search.
When you select and open the App, it will ask you to configure the clapping sound.
It also allows you to configure the sensitivity of the sound, in case if you ever need to clap in an actually applauding manner.
Just so that every system in your phone is set to gain your attention, you can also customize the ring volume, vibration and switch on the flashlights.
After everything is set and app successfully installed, just clap three times and it’s like cha cha cha for your phone.
Next thing you know is you phone singing its tune with running spotlights even in silent mode

This app will manage to surpass most of the apps in many ways. The app best finds its use if you can’t track your phone on a domestic basis, i.e. if your phone is buried under pillow, clothes, cupboard and anything else that can find its way to hide your phone. Moreover its customizable ringtone volume will ensure a trauma free attention seeking method. The widgets to quickly enable and disable the app also come in handy.

The steps provided above may have been the easiest form of textbook computer knowledge that you have ever come across. Now get out, get hungry, get stupid, lose your phone in your compound and show off your all new Android Apps that will fish the phone for you.

Word to PDF Converters for Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1

MS Office is a popular office suite for Windows. If you are not a Windows user, never mind. It is available for other platforms as well.

Word is widely used software among all. You can type any documents on it and save for future use. It is also possible to do formatting. If you prefer a hard copy, take a print out.

But the sad part is a word file (.docx) is not compatible with every office suits. You may experience a problem when you try to open it with another office suits.

The best way to preserve a word file is to convert it to PDF. Portable Document Format aka PDF can be opened in any computer irrespective of the OS it uses.

Not having a PDF reader is okay if you have a browser. Most computers have a web browser. So, you can open PDF files with it even in the absence of a PDF reader.

Word to PDF converting is not at all a tough task. Today, I am sharing some amazing Word to PDF converters for Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1.

Don’t worry if you are not a Windows OS user. Just sit back and scroll to the end of this article.

Word to PDF Converters for Windows

Check the end of every section. You can find a link to the download page. Try and stick with what fits you the most.

1. Quick Word to PDF

As the name suggests, the conversion can be done quickly with this software. Quick Word to PDF has no confusing features. The tool is simple and powerful too.

According to the size of word file, the process takes seconds to minutes for the completion. A coolest feature in this software is batch file conversion. Making use of this feature, you can convert many files simply by a click.

The layout is not changed upon conversion. It will be conserved, and the positions of images will never be amended.

Free and premium versions are available. If you get satisfied with the free version, consider upgrading to premium. A remarkable advantage of this tool is its light- weight nature. It hardly takes almost 25 MB of your hard disk space. (Setup file is 33 MB in size).

You want an internet connection in case you wish to upgrade the software to premium.

Download Quick Word to PDF from here.

2. Free Word to PDF Converter by Weenysoft

This is another awesome software created by Weenysoft. You don’t have to be desperate by blankly looking at both the premium version ad and your wallet alternately. Why because this one is completely free.

The user interface is very clean and elegant. You can batch convert with this software too. The setup file is merely 8 MB. But the actions you can take with it is literally unlimited and amazing as well.

Free Word to PDF Converter by Weenysoft is not a mere word to PDF converter. It is possible to transform RTF, txt, and HTML files to beautifully looking Portable Document Format files.

If you want to protect the output file, there is an option to add passwords. So, don’t worry the next time when you give your flash drive to a friend. He can’t open your PDF if it has one.

Watermarks can also be inserted to free your file from copyright issues. I think this is the best free software you can get for this purpose.

Free Word to PDF is a standalone soft. That means you don’t want MS Word or Adobe Reader to act.

Download this Word to PDF converter now.

3. Doxillion Document Converter Software

This one is not a dedicated word to PDF converter. You can convert doc, docx, pdf, wps and other document file types.

If you are a non- commercial user, you can be able to get a free version. After installation, you will not have to open the software to do the conversion. A context menu item will be added. With that, you can right- click on a file and begin to convert right from the upcoming menu.

The free version is light- weight one with only 800 KB in size. The best part of Doxillion Document Converter Software is it supports the latest Windows 10 OS.

Don’t hesitate to download this cool tool even if you are a Mac OS user. Support is guaranteed.

With batch file support, it is possible to convert thousands of files within the matter of a few clicks.

Click here to visit the homepage this document converter software and download right away.

Bonus Tip1:

If you don’t want to install a new software for this purpose, just follow the steps given below. The only thing you need apart from the computer is a working internet connection.

There are many websites available which allow you to convert Word to PDF. Here, I am sharing one of them with you.

Visit You will be provided with a button to select files on the home page itself. There are five conversion options. Choose one and browse your file. Select the output file (PDF here). Click on the blue Convert button to start the process.

That’s all. At last, the out PDF will be saved on your PC.

Bonus Tip 2:-

An MS Word add- in is available for saving the document you type in it as PDF. You can use it if you don’t want standalone software.

Are You Ready to Convert Word to PDF?

Don’t you know how to convert word to PDF now? PDF is a versatile document type that can be opened irrespective of the OS and devices. That’s why most of the e- books are published in PDF format.

I have shared you three words to PDF converters and some quick methods to do the conversion. If you are a word fan, no need to switch to other software only for the sake of PDF support. Use one of the above methods to convert. It is as simple as that.

Do let me know in case of any confusions or queries. Share this with your friends, so that they too can know these awesome tools.

How to Download Instagram Videos Onto Your Computer, Smartphones and Tablets

Instagram is probably the new kid on the social media field. But it has already become viral. Instagram is neither a micro- blogging site like twitter nor a virtual friendship based platform as Facebook. It focuses only on visual media (not at all like YouTube). However, you can follow people there. So that, you will get their future uploads’ notification.

Instagram is not available for PC. You can access it only via your smartphone. This makes it unique comparing with every other social network available today. Started the saga in 2010, Instagram is getting more and more popularity. About 150 million daily active users, 60 billion total photos, 55 million new uploads, 1.2 billion likes (both per day) and what else do you need to know its fame?

I have already said that Instagram is an app. The official app is available in Google Play Store, Apple iTunes Store, and Windows Store. If you are a Blackberry or Symbian user, satisfy yourself with third- party apps. Official apps are unavailable for both.

Maybe you already know that Instagram allows users to post videos. You have posted some if Instagram is nothing new to you. Yeah, it offers an option to post videos longing 15 seconds maximum.

What do you do when you find a fantastic video on Insta? Nothing!! You can do nothing other than sit back and watch. There is no option to download. That’s why I am here with an unofficial guide to download Instagram videos onto your computer, smartphones, and PC.

The Very First Step to Download Instagram Videos

You have to have the link to that particular video that needs to be downloaded. As the platform is not available for PC, copy the link from the app and transfer it to your computer. That would be the best deal to download onto the system.

Maybe you know how to copy the URL of a video. However, I am sharing it for newbie users.

1. Install Instagram on your smartphone or tablet and open it.

2. Find the video on the app you want to download.

3. On the bottom of the video thumbnail, you can see Comment and Like options on the left. There are three vertical dots on the right. Tap on the dots.

4. Now, you see two options, Copy Share URL, and Report Inappropriate. Choose the first one. As soon as you select it, the URL will be copied to your clipboard.

5. Transfer it to your PC if you want. Or else, the video can be download only using the smartphone or tablet.

Download Instagram Videos onto Your PC

I have found two methods to install Instagram videos onto your PC. No big deal, just two simple methods.


Dredown is an incredible website using which you can download videos from almost every social network (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, Tumblr, VK, etc.). Follow the steps given below to download any video from Instagram.

1. Click here to visit the Instagram page of dredown.

2. A field is provided to paste the video URL. Read under the previous main heading to have an idea of how it is done.

3. After pasting the URL, click on DreDown! This action persuades the website to catch the media file.

4. You will soon get a download link. The download process will be started within seconds after you click on it. As Instagram videos are not lengthy, it will not take much time.

Using Torch Browser

Torch is a chromium- based web browser that can serve you with diversified functions. Other than browsing, it can be used to download videos, torrents and to share websites via social media. Here, I am going to show you a method to download Instagram videos using Torch browser.

1. Download Torch Browser. Set up file is a light weight one. So downloading will not keep you wait for long.

2. After that, open it. You can see many options like downloading torrents.

3. Paste the video URL into the address bar and press enter.

4. The video itself will be played in the browser and after a few moments the complete media will be grabbed. Then, press on Video right to the address bar. That’s all. Downloading will be started right away.

Download Instagram Videos Onto Your Smartphone or Tablet

I am assuming that you are an Android user. Instagram’s official Android app has no option to download a video. That’s why we need backdoors. Don’t worry. Downloading Instagram videos onto your smartphone or tablet is not a Herculean task.

The only prerequisite is an app. You need to download InstaGetter (available on Google Play Store for free download).

1. Download InstaGetter. If you feel any difficulty to download from Play Store, search on Google (only work for Android devices, so don’t do the fruitless task of downloading Android app file with your iOS or Windows device).

2. Launch the app on your device. Before proceeding to the next step, be sure that you already copied the video URL.

3. Like you saw in previous methods, a field is provided here also to paste the URL of the video that you want to download.

4. Then, you will get two options. One, save the image and the other one, save the video. Choose the second one. The video will be downloaded in seconds or minutes according to the file size.

That’s all you have to do. Is it a complicated task!!

Ready to Download Instagram Videos??

Now you know that downloading Instagram videos are no big deal. No matter which device you are using, it is the matter of a few clicks or taps. The three methods explained above are the simplest ways to get Videos from Instagram to your gadgets.

Let me know if you have any other methods to add on. I will update the article for sure. And, don’t forget to jot down your valuable opinion via comments. I am waiting for your response.

Share this post with your friends. Maybe they are struggling to find a way to download Instagram videos. Help them with a click.

Monday, 7 September 2015

IFA 2015: Alcatel OneTouch Launches New Smartphones, Smartwatch, and Tablet

 Alcatel OneTouch has announced a bunch of new devices at the ongoing IFA 2015 trade show. The devices launched are the Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star, OneTouch Pop Up, and OneTouch Go Play smartphones, apart from the OneTouch Go Watch smartwatch, and 17.3-inch OneTouch Xess tablet.

The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Star is a dual-SIM smartphone that would arrive with a number of swappable covers. The covers range from plastic backs to Leather collection, Fashion Collection or Nature-ECO collection and also includes a Denim back cover. On paper, the smartphone is not a premium device. Also, it is available in 3G and 4G LTE versions, both running Android 5.0 Lollipop. Both variants feature a 5-inch HD (720x1280 pixels resolution) IPS display, 1GB of RAM, 8-megapxiel rear camera, 5-megapixel front-facing camera, and a 2000mAh battery. The difference however, lies in the 3G and 4G connectivity options, inbuilt storage and the processor.

The OneTouch Pop Star 3G variant includes 8GB of inbuilt storage, and is powered by a quad-core 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6580 chipset. The OneTouch Pop Star 4G LTE features 16GB of inbuilt storage and a 64-bit quad-core 1GHz MediaTek MT6735P processor.

The 4G-enabled Alcatel OneTouch Pop Up (seen below) however, comes with better innards but slightly lower number of swappable back covers. The dual-SIM supporting handset features the same display setup as the OneTouch Star but is powered by a powerful octa-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 610 SoC, clubbed with 2GB of RAM. The handset houses 16GB of inbuilt storage, which can further be expanded via a microSD card (up to 32GB) and packs 13-megapixel rear camera with f/2.0 aperture.

The OneTouch Pop Up sports a metal frame with glass hardware key and will be arriving in Black, Riva Blue, Amber Orange, White, and Strawberry Red colour variants. The company has not finalised the price or the availability details of the two smartphones.

Also announced was the Alcatel OneTouch Go Play (seen atop) smartphone alongside the Go Watch smartwatch. The Go Play smartphone's highlight is that it is supposedly shockproof and IP67 certified, which makes it dust and water resistant. The Android 5.0 Lollipop-based smartphone equips a 5-inch 720p resolution TFT display and is powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU, clubbed with 1GB of RAM. It includes 8GB of inbuilt storage, of which on 4GB is for users. The device also sports 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing fixed-focus camera. Other features mentioned are FM radio, 1-finger zoom, mini apps, multi-tap wake up, and idle screen.

The Alcatel OneTouch Go Play smartphone is backed by a 2500mAh battery, which as per the company offers 20 days of standby time, 8.3 hours of talk time and 55 hours music. The smartphone can also be clubbed with waterproof headsets and protective case. It would arrive in dark grey, dark red, dark green, orange blue, pink, lime green, blue and orange colour variants.

 The Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch (seen above) comes with same IP certification as Go Play smartphone and instead of Android Wear, runs on company's proprietary operating system. However, the device is compatible with both Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, iOS 7, and later OS versions of both.

The smartwatch features a 1.22-inch LCD IPS circular display with 240x240pixels resolution. Powered by a 180MHz cortex-M4 based CPU, the wearable is backed by a 225mAh battery, which can be charged via Micro-USB connectivity and would run for 2-5 days on a single charge, as per the firm.

The Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch is almost 100 percent customisable as users can change both its front-casing and the wristband with other options. The watch carries all the similar functions such as showing notifications about messages, emails, calls, and the weather. However, its Go button triggers an "emotion pulse measurement" that is said to create an "emotional graphic" from the results gathered by the gyroscope, heart rate sensor, and accelerometer. Users can share the result on social networks, or set it as the wallpaper. There is no information on the OneTouch Go Play and OneTouch Go Watch pricing and availability.

Besides launching three handsets and a smartwatch, Alcatel launched its Xess tablet (seen above). The stainless steel tablet's claim to fame is its huge 17.3-inch 10-point full-HD touchscreen display. The Android 5.1 Lollipop-based tablet is powered by an octa-core 1.5GHz MediaTek MT8783T SoC, clubbed with 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. The tablet includes 32GB of inbuilt storage, which can be further expanded via a microSD card. Measuring 416.5x266.5x9.15mm, the device is backed by a 10000mAh battery.

The Alcatel OneTouch Xess houses an adjustable built-in stand and a handle which can make the tablet stand at 30 degrees, 50 degrees, and 75 degrees based on how the user wants to view it. Wall mount and smart dock accessories for the device offers more viewing angles. Due to its bid display size, the Xess features a built-in stylus as well as hands-free gesture control. 3-watt JBL dual speakers are also housed by the tablet alongside USB ports and apps such as OneTouch Mix and SketchBook app. Some of the other Xess accessories are blue-free film, IP camera, Bluetooth mouse and keypad, Bluetooth speaker, mag cover and mounting case. No pricing or availability details of the tablet are out yet.

Walking Home Alone? Get Virtual Company With This App

If the thought of walking home alone worries you anytime, here comes a public safety mobile phone app that offers you a virtual company by allowing your friends or family members to a keep an watch over you.
The application named Companion, originally developed by students of University of Michigan in the US with the aim of providing lone travellers in the campus with peace of mind and help them avoid potentially dangerous situations, is now increasingly being used by people from across the world, media reports said.
One of the factors that have made the app popular is that anyone in your contact book can be your Companion and they do not even need to have the app installed.
The app which is free and available in both the App Store and Google Play, is being used by tens of thousands of people across the world, reported.
Companion utilises a phone's GPS, prompting users to enter their destination and share their route with select contacts, who are able to view a live map of the user's location and are notified if anything goes wrong.
The app will end the trip when the user safely arrives at his or her destination.If the application senses that the planned route has been altered or that the trip is taking longer than expected, it will alert those selected friends unless the user confirms that everything is all right.
The user can end the trip at any time and also has the ability to use Companion to quickly alert law enforcement if the need arises.
Companion also has the potential to help public safety organisations enhance their strategies by providing real-time walking data that can be combined with historical walking patterns and a predictive engine to determine the best locations to station police officers.
"We see a lot of potential for Companion to be used in cities, across corporate campuses, or by parents who have kids going out with friends," one of the app developers Jake Wayne said.

Here's How You Can Play StarCraft in Your Browser

The first StarCraft game was a revelation for the real-time strategy genre. Sporting easy to understand gameplay mechanics and relatively low system specifications, it soon became one of the most widely played games ever.

And while strategy games have yielded the limelight to the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre with games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), there's still some love for StarCraft. So much so that GitHub user Ryuta has uploaded the necessary files needed for you to play the game in your browser thanks to the wonders of HTML5.

No installation is needed and it has complete animations from the game. However it is by no means the full game, its levels are currently demos only. However, Ryuta has included cheat codes that worked in the original game.

Needless to say, don't expect this version of StarCraft to be available for long. It uses assets from the original game without permission from Blizzard according to The Next Web. What this means is, there's a good chance that it will be removed sooner rather than later.

You can check it out on your browser without downloading it. While most strategy games find themselves on PC or tablets, it's heartening to see how far the Web has come, allowing those to check out great games despite of what is perceived to be sub-par hardware.